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Any questions about sizing please contact Bob Mechtel w/PROMOLINK or Jill Kauppi w/GILLETTE CHILDREN'S.  Contact information listed below.

                 We currently accept VISA or MASTERCARD.

Due to the change in GILLETTE logo colors, some dark garments will now be produced with an all white logo.  Most garments will continue to receive the full color logo; this will only effect some dark garments.


  • Begin by contacting Jill Kauppi at jkauppi@gillettechildrens.com or 651-638-4748.
  • Jill will walk you through the steps for placing your order, which requires a Gillette purchase order number and manager approval.
  • Direct any subsequent questions to Katie.
  • Promolink will ship your order to your Gillette location.


  • Please follow the steps on this web site.
  • Promolink processes orders within 2 business days.  Your product will arrive within 2 weeks of placing the order.
  • A shipping and handling fee will be applied to all orders based on size of the order-fees shown with order placement.
  • If you need items immediately, please contact JIll Kauppi at jkauppi@gillettechildrens.com or 651-638-4748.

Thank you for using this Web site. If you have any problems with the site or with your order, please contact Bob Mechtel at Promolink@EmbarqMail.com or 612-961-0752.





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